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  • Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal delivery styles and strategies

  • Recognize and perform different types of speeches.

  • Identify the necessary elements of a speech.  

  • Review and practice how to write a speech. 

  • Apply research skills and scholarly evidence to speeches.

  • Present prepared speeches to the class.

  • Incorporate interactive activities to practice learned skills.


  • Games and activities aimed at developing effective oration and presentation skills 

  • Seminars with interactive powerpoints and activities integrated to teach skills relating to oration, presentation skills, speech structure, speech styles, and research techniques

  • Interactive activities (both individually and in groups) to facilitate skill development

  • Homework inclusive of practice activities 

  • The development of two or more researched and structured prepared speeches


   •  10 minutes: question of the day and warm-up activity 

   •  20 minutes: lesson review & homework sharing 

   •  20 minutes: new lesson with student participation 

   •  20 minutes: learning activity 

   •  20 minutes: speechwriting workshop 

   •  10 minutes: class review, closing game 


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